If you are a dog owner, you certainly want your dog to be healthy and live a long and healthy life. But sometimes you can do things that can harm your dog mate without realizing it! Here are some common mistakes people make unintentionally in caring for dogs.

11- Collar

Dog collars come in several types, and you have to choose the type that suits the needs and nature of your puppy, bearing in mind that there is a place to attach his license. If you choose the saddle or collar, the next step (which is no less important!) is to make sure it’s the right size. If the collar or belt is too large, your dog may get away with it.


2- Alone in car

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Dogs don’t sweat like humans, so the heat can hurt them much faster than you think. Lacking this important ability to cool her body, the consequences of staying in a locked car can be fatal.




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