Muchos locals agree that Chile’s best beaches are in the north, especially in the fourth region. There good weather, warm waters, little waves and much, much space to go are combined. Although the beaches of the Center and South are beautiful, they are not always suitable for swimming since their waters are colder, with large waves and the weather can make you a bad move. On the other hand, in the north, the waters are warm and the climate is hot, ideal for those looking for a beach to swim for hours and feel the exquisite sun.

On the other hand, if you are looking for beaches with urban life nearby, you can visit the central area of ​​Chile, where cities and beaches complement each other in 5-star experiences. Below I will show you an attractive variety of alternatives for your next adventure on the beaches of Chile:

Discover the most spectacular beaches in Chile and what to do in each of them

White beach

It is a beach of about 2 km in length located a few meters from the road that connects Concepcion with the cities of the Gulf of Arauco. Playa Blanca owes its name to the color of its sand that contrasts perfectly with the turquoise water. its calm and warm style makes it suitable for swimming and of course one of the busiest attractions in the Biobío region

If you get bored with so much sun and beach or if it is cloudy, you can organize excursions to nearby attractions such as the Elquí Valley or La Serena and spend a good day anyway. Also on weekends, there is nightlife in the nearby discos.


Matanzas beach is located in a coastal town belonging to the commune Christmas north of the Cardenal Caro province. Do not be fooled by the name that this beach has it is very safe and also has lifeguards during the summer.

Although many years ago it was known to be full of surfers, today, it is an ideal destination for those looking to relax and escape the city chaos. Its quiet landscape is surrounded by islets with native birds that will surely produce the only noise of the place next to the waves. If you want to practice some water sport, you can also visit Puertecillo, famous Caleta known for having the best waves for surfing, windsurfing, and water skiing. You can also try the cuisine of the Fishermen’s Cove.

When you are looking to disconnect for a weekend to go to a place that is full of peace and harmony, Matanzas Beach is one of the best alternatives in Chile.


Located in Coquimbo, Morrillos is one of those beaches in Chile that you can visit all year long since its semi-arid climate allows it, although you can expect rainfall during the winter months. In its 6 kilometers of ocher sand, it is possible to access its crystalline waters suitable for water sports where you can fish, do recreational diving, have a picnic and take beautiful pictures.

The architecture of the place is of modern air and has been adapted to have hostels and parking lots. Also, it has cabins and camping.


Beach located in the commune of Coquimbo, 2 kilometers from Totoralillo. Its attractive beach has white, bright and fine sands. It is characterized by crystalline waters and turquoise sea.

There is a landscape of rocks of strange shapes among which you can find pools of warm water and dunes full of cacti.

Playa Las Texas offers recreational options such as diving, surfing, sun, and sea baths. It is suitable for camping and there is also a spa for 4 hours from Santiago.


48 kilometers south of the port of Coquimbo, Tongoy invites you to complete disconnection with walks along its coastal edge and beautiful sunsets at Playa Socos, Playa Grande, Playa Blanca, and Puerto Velero. The area has cabins, hotels, lodges, and campsites, as well as a delicious variety of food from the sea such as oysters, crab cakes and shrimp patties.

The flora of the Tongoy wetlands is of global importance for the conservation of biodiversity due to the 1500 endemic species inhabiting the area so do not hesitate to know it.


Totoralillo is a spectacular seaside resort located 23 kilometers from La Serena. The place consists of a small peninsula divided into two beaches of white sand and emerald sea.

Its waters, although a little cold, is suitable for swimming, while the quality of its waves makes it considered among the best beaches in the region for surfing. Another of its attractions is the wide marine biodiversity that develops in the rocks of its southern part, where you can see starfish, conch shells and other mollusks.


Warm waters, gentle waves, white sands and privileged temperature that resembles an eternal summer. Best of all, Cavancha de Iquique is in the center of the city. You do not need more than want to go to the beach to enjoy it day and night thanks to its warm waters, gentle waves and white sand ideal for resting and taking pictures of the sunset.

Cavancha is very busy and popular during the summer, is located right in the center of Iquique, allows easy access and excellent infrastructure. This spa is surrounded by gardens, games for children, aquariums, water ponds, a park with sea lions and giant reptiles, a small zoo and countless restaurants, luxury hotels, pubs, and entertaining nightlife.

For those who practice sports such as surfing, water skiing and sailing, the north of the beach allows you to enjoy bigger waves, among which are the well-known waves “El Colegio” “La Punta” and “Las Urracas”. Also, for your safety, there are 25 lifeguards on-site and the busy presence of the police.



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