Chloe the puppy finds new home after owner dies from COVID-19

After her owner died from COVID-19. many folks have reached resolute adopt her, the pup has found a new family again to stay with her, after a long-needed surgery.
Chloe acquired the MSPCA with a metal plate screwed in her right leg from a surgery she underwent in 2016 to mend a broken leg. Caretakers aforementioned she has been ready to move around with very little pain, however the plate ought to are removed years past.
Surgeons at the Angell Animal in Boston can take the plate off her leg surgery Wed.
MSPCA spokesman Rob Halpin said : Chloe’s new owner, a medico WHO lives in Plymouth, can take her home once the surgery and take care of her as she recovers in a very splint for following 2 to four weeks.

The new adopter has 2 other dogs already, the both just met the puppy And they are happy with it.




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