If you think that there are days when you feel married or a little deconcentrated, you may have to check your morning routine since the habits we have in the morning will define how we spend the rest of the day. And that is why there are habits that we should avoid in the mornings because if we start the day badly, even in a bad mood we can end in the course of the afternoon. For me, there is nothing more tedious than waking up early in the morning (except when we go on a trip hehe).

And if we think, we wake up early almost all our life: since we go to school, university and then to work, but well the truth is that this is part of life and we have to assume it, that’s why today I wanted to make this post, with habits that we must avoid in the mornings, so that our day passes easier and much more productive.

Habits to avoid in the morning

Set the alarm “5 more minutes”:

This happens to me a lot, I always want to sleep 5 more minutes, but this habit is one of those that we must improve; Sleep expert Timothy Morgenthaler believes that we should not do this as we enter a sleep cycle that we are not able to finish. In addition to the postponement of the alarm clock we are already predisposing to start the day badly, it would be best to place the alarm clock at a prudent time to give us time for everything in the morning.

Waste time choosing clothes

Of this I am very guilty if you are a woman to know that we waste a lot of time in this; I hope I will wear a uniform in my work. What we can do in this case is to leave prepared the previous night what we will use the next day, we must also check the weather before; to make a good selection and not spend 15 or 20 minutes in front of the closet.

Not drinking water

Our body needs water, in this way we avoid fatigue or lack of concentration, among other things. When we drink water, we hydrate, in addition to the fact that we come from about 8 hours without drinking water, our body needs to hydrate upon waking. After waking up I like to drink a glass of water and then during the day, I drink more water.

Not have breakfast

Who has not skipped breakfast more than once? I have done it more than once, it happens to me that I arrive at the office and start working, then when I see the time it is almost half a day. Well, this is something we should improve if we want to start the day with energy. It is important that when we have breakfast we avoid high sugar foods, it is better to prefer a breakfast that contains fiber, good calories, and low sugar or some detox shake , lately I am having a natural yogurt without sugar, oatmeal, chia, and a little oatmeal cereal .; If we get hungry in the middle of the morning we can opt for a fruit or a coffee.

Not plan the day

This is very important, do not expect to get to our work to see what things we have to do, organize your time and separate by tasks. Let’s check what things we have pending and the priorities of the day if we have everything organized for sure we will have a productive day. I usually write down the day before all the things that are pending or that I have not been able to finish, so when I arrive at the office I have already identified which task is more important to perform on time.

Check our cell phone

Let’s wait a few minutes before reviewing social networks. Let’s connect with ourselves for a few minutes, stretch, let’s drink some water and we can even have breakfast before checking our cell phone. If we think about it, immediately open the Instagram after waking up and find out all the things that are happening like this at once, because it may be a reason to start the day badly.


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