A few days ago I visited the Japanese Garden in Santiago, Chile, which was reopened on January 11 of this year, after two years of remodeling. The Japanese Garden Santiago de Chile is located on the San Cristóbal Hill, in the heart of the city. It is an ideal place to hang out if you are close and take a nice picture. The Japanese Garden of Santiago, Chile, was built in 1978 by architect Tadashi Asahi.

The approximate initial size of the Japanese Garden of Santiago de Chile is 3200 m2 and its main attractions are the water mill, the pond and the cherry blossoms in the month of October.

How to get to the Japanese Garden of Santiago

For those who travel by subway, we must take Line 1 in the direction of the Dominicans and get off at the Pedro de Valdivia station. Then walk for 15 minutes along the Av Pedro de Valdivia Norte, heading towards Av El Cerro, at the end of the Av we will find the Metropolitan Park.

And finally, we follow the path that will take us to the Japanese Garden, yes, we must prepare for this walk, remember that it is a hill and therefore the trails are a bit steep.

Tips to visit the Japanese Garden

1- If you go to Summer, wear comfortable clothes and lots of water, in Santiago, the summers are very dry and the heat is intense.

2- Wear comfortable shoes for walking, since, to reach the Japanese Garden, the trails are steep.

3- If you have a pet, it is better to leave it at home, since they will not be able to enter the Japanese garden.

4- If we want the visit to be quieter, we can choose to do it between weekdays.

Curious fact

In 1997 100 years of commercial relations between Chile and Japan were fulfilled, given this, the Japanese Garden was visited by the Prince and Princess Hitachi.

To commemorate 120 years of commercial relations between Chile and Japan, it is decided to expand the garden, measuring today about 4500 m2.

Schedules and Entrance

Admission is totally free and the hours where you can visit the place is from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

If you are in Santiago de Chile and go through the Japanese Garden, tell me how it went.



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