Lose Weight, Gain Health and Feel Amazing


3Introduction :

Losing weight is the need of the hour, but not a lot of people think about the advantages of losing weight, or how diets and diet plans are not just created with the sole purpose of losing weight. Take, for example, intermittent fasting. Most people think of intermittent fasting as an easy, no-work way to lose weight and fat. But, have you thought of its other health benefits or how it is not a “weight loss program,” but a change in your eating schedule that has the side effect of weight loss?

In this article, I will explain the amazing thing that intermittent fasting is and how you, as a woman, can reap maximum benefit from it! Most intermittent fasting plans are centered around or designed for men. These plans often do not take into consideration the fact that women need to fast for a shorter time period or the impact of intermittent fasting on the hormonal balance in the body. But, in this book, women are the focal point and all the information in this book is designed to help you adjust to intermittent fasting without any hitch!



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