Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova today announced her retirement from the world of the yellow ball.

Sharapova wrote in ” Vanity Fair ” that she retired at the professional level, at the age of 32.

Sharapova says “I gave my life to tennis, and tennis gave me life … I will be able to miss it a day .”

Sharapova retired after an accomplished career, most notably the crowning of 5 Grand Slam titles, the last of which was in 2014 when she won the Roland Garros title for the second time in her career.

The last participation For the Russian star came in this year’s Australian Open, which she bid farewell to from the first round by Donna Vikic.

Sharapova added, “I will miss the standard daily exercises and regimes, from awakening at dawn, tying my left foot before the proper, and shutting the stadium doors before shooting the first ball in the day.”

She added: “I will miss my team and coaches, and therefore the moments once I sat with my father, within the coaching stadiums … I will be able to miss the handshake of the athletes at the gain and the loss. They pushed me to be the best.”

And continued, “Looking back, I realize that tennis was sort of a mountain on behalf of me because my way was crammed with valleys, but looking from above was amazing.”



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