lifestyle or trend that has been in vogue in recent years, its premise is “less is more”. And it is not surprising that Minimalism is fashionable, after being involved with so much consumerism, minimalism was an inevitable consequence. But if we focus on what minimalism is, we realize that minimalism and finance complement each other.

And is that if we realize that we do not need so many things to live or have so many clothes, this means that we will spend less money buying things we do not need. So, if what you are looking for is to improve your finances, Minimalism may be an option for you.

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How Minimalism and Finance complement each other

If we want to maintain healthy finances, minimalism can be a tool to achieve it. Taking into account that Minimalism is not a form of savings, but it can help you with finances since this two complement each other.

And surely we think, Aja but how can minimalism help me improve my finances? how is it done? Well, by becoming minimalist or trying to lead this lifestyle, we will realize that we do not need so many things to live, that is, we will leave consumerism aside.

When we realize that things are what add value to our lives, we will see how we begin to spend intelligently. When we understand what we need, we will not be distracted by spending on unnecessary things.

How to improve Finance with Minimalism

Goodbye to debts

Let’s simplify our life and economy, if we can’t afford it, we can’t buy it. We don’t need to have a bigger TV than we already have or change it every year. We must also put a stop to the credits and credit cards, if we owe a lot, we can make a monthly payment plan and get out of those debts, I’m sure they save us a lot of headaches. Let’s start paying the smallest debts, and then face the biggest debts.

We do not need so many credit cards

The more cards we have, the more commissions we will pay, and the more likely we are to use them all. My recommendation is to have only one and try to pay for everything in cash. In case of having to use the credit card, we must pay it before the cut-off date, so that they do not charge us a commission.

Sell ​​what we don’t need

If we check our closet and see everything we have, we will realize all the money there. Nowadays it is very easy to sell clothes that we no longer need, whether in fairs or markets, any web page or applications. Here in Chile, there is a page where you can sell everything you no longer use in a very fast way, I leave the link because they are interested, the website is called fair.

Let’s buy quality things

This can sometimes be a bit difficult, especially if we enter one of those Chinese stores that have everything super cheap. But the truth is, those things, however cheap they may be, will not last so long, and we will end up replacing it with a better quality one. My best example is with clothes and shoes, a little over a year ago, I went almost every month to buy cheap clothes in an outlet, of a brand not recognized, in the end, I ended up with a lot of clothes, which I did not It lasted more than 4 washes. I changed this, I prefer to have a few things, but of better quality.

Free ourselves from consumerism

I can’t lead a simple or minimalist life if we are slaves of consumerism. When we detoxify consumerism, we will stop spending money without any sense. It is amazing all the money we can save if we leave consumerism aside and lead a simpler life. As we stop buying things, it will be easier for us to continue rejecting what does not give us value.

We don’t have to be behind the offers

Every time we see a commercial with an offer or an email that comes to us, what we have to think is that the store or trade precisely what it wants is that; You feel that you need to buy that product on offer. It is our responsibility as minimalists to understand these messages and observe our unconscious desire to buy things we do not need.


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