Para those who read me for some time know that I’ve been poking around with the theme of minimalism, that far from being a trend; It is a lifestyle, so if we want it to be lasting over time, we have to go slowly, changing small habits that lead us to consumerism. I particularly want to finish improving my closet, to get to have a minimalist closet.

Having a minimalist closet we will dress in clothes that we like and that goes with our style. Honestly, I have not yet managed to reduce my closet by half, I think I have barely 20%, but the truth is that I have seen a change in my finances and the organization.

Although I have been with this minimalism for a short time, I have seen some changes, the most important is that I am already more aware when buying something and I do not have that despair of wanting to go shopping for clothes every time.

To start organizing our minimalist closet, the first thing we should do is take all our clothes out of the closet and also the shoes and purses, at that time we will realize the number of things we have. Then we can separate into three or two boxes, to order as follows: in a box everything you like and wants to keep, in another all the things you want to donate (and that are in good condition) and finally a box With things you can sell.

Keys to a Minimalist Closet

A good investment will always be the basics, if we follow the 70-30 rule, we can achieve a good minimalist wardrobe while remaining fashionable. The 70-30 rule is like that, 70% of your closet must be basic garments and the other 30% are seasonal garments, and it is here in this 30% where we can buy some fashionable garments.

Less consumerism

If we want to maintain this system and its simplicity, we should make a list of the garments that we need, and not buy anything additional. In this way, we will save money and always have to wear.

A garment that enters Garment of Sale

This is a very important rule if we don’t want to end up accumulating things again. So, if we want to buy something new (a garment enters) we must take out something that we already have in our closet (a garment comes out). By applying this technique, we will realize that most of our purchases are on impulse or because we get an offer.

Quality over Quantity

This is what has cost me the most work, since all my life I had preferred to have a lot of clothes without taking into account the quality of this. But the truth is that it is totally worth investing in quality clothes, shoes and accessories, in my case; I have invested in a good pair of boots for the winter, which I aspire to last about 4 years (taking into account that the winter in Chile lasts about 4 months), so I save changing boots twice a year.

I think that, in what you should invest a little more money, it is in our basics and the shoes or in the garments that will help us define our style, as I said, the minimalist fashion adapts to the taste of each person.

Dress in clothes that you like

This is key to our closet and our peace of mind hehe, there is nothing more exhausting than having a closet full of clothes, but clothes we don’t like. That is why we must review our closet and make a list of future purchases, this will also help us define our style.

This is what I have been implementing little by little to my life, the truth is I am not having so many things, but with clothes, I have always been a disaster, so my goal of reducing my closet in half … I will tell you how I am doing.



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