Since I decided to change my lifestyle and be minimalist, I realized that minimalism is not just having a few things, this goes beyond that. In addition to helping us with Finance, with minimalism we can incorporate habits into our lives; habits that will allow us to continue leading a simpler life and those that will define our days. That is why today I want to tell you what are those minimalist habits that I have been acquiring in recent months.

Minimalist Habits

1- Do not buy on impulse

This has been a challenge for me, since almost all my life (since I started working) I bought on impulse, it was enough that I liked something to buy it. In the end, I have finished with a closet full of clothes, but of which not all I like or not all use; but that little by little I will be debugging it until I have a true Minimalist Closet.

Now, before buying something I think if I need it and if it makes me happy to have that object. Many times it has happened to me that I do not differentiate whether it is a compulsive purchase or not; For this, what worked best for me is to wait a while, a week or so, if after that week I still want to buy that item (be it clothes, accessories or shoes) then I buy it, but most of the time I forget it and that’s where I realize it was a compulsive purchase.

Another important point about this Minimalist Habit is that I visit the Mall less frequently before I could spend there on Friday afternoons or Saturdays, just to see what caused me to buy, obviously this was not friendly to my finances, but well at that time I wasn’t thinking about that.

2- Knowing how to say NO without Guilt

Perhaps many times I felt pressure on “the one they will say”; what will they say I don’t go to such a site, what will they say if I use this; and so many more things that led me to say YES to certain things or invitations. And it is that one of the things about being minimalist is also to free yourself from situations or toxic invitations that do not add value to your life.

We must learn to say NO to situations or things that do not connect with you or that you simply do not like, in this way we will allow ourselves to say Yes to other much better opportunities and with which we will feel happy.

So, let’s learn to say NO to all those things that don’t give us value, for example: if you don’t want to go to a party because you don’t like it or because you simply want to stay at home resting that day, we don’t feel remorse for saying that Do not..

3- Simplify and Debug

Simplify: simplifying day-to-day tasks will give us time to do those things for which “we don’t have time.” Many times we do not give ourselves the time to connect with ourselves, or perhaps we do not want to bother or get out of the ordinary, so we must seek practicality in things, stopping doing the tasks that do not belong to us or that do not make us happy.

Debug: a good purification is healthy for the soul and our home if we feel that we have filled ourselves with things that do not make us happy. Not only to purify material objects that do not bring happiness, but also to purify negative emotions, toxic people, meaningless conversations, bad habits, in short; everything that does not add value to our life.

4- Stay true to our needs

And it happens that we get involved in the advertising and marketing of stores, getting confused about what we need and what we want. What we need to live is food, protection, rest, peace of mind and well-being; The key is knowing how to differentiate what we want from what we need, and not be fooled by advertisements that make us believe that the item they are selling we need and will make us happier. So, a good minimalist habit would be this, to stay true to our real needs, if I already have 5 pairs of shoes, why do I need another one?

5- Identify what we do NOT use

And finally, in these Minimalist Habits, we must know what things we use and whatnot. You have to be aware of all the objects we have in our house and observe from when we use them? If you need to occupy that space. This will help us to purify our spaces (we saw it in point 3), the same with our closet; When taking out a garment let’s take a look at the other garments and think about when it was the last one we used any of them.

Well here my list of Minimalist Habits that I have been implementing in recent months, habits are created; That is why we must go little by little until we achieve the results we want, a simpler life, clean spaces, and no mess.


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