Without a doubt, the Chilean Capital offers a wide range of activities, from Parks, Shopping Centers, Outlets, places to eat, etc. It also has several neighborhoods, with a lot of history and which still retain their architecture. And since its founding in the year 1541, Santiago has become the City with the Most Trade and cultural activity in the country. That is why today I will leave you a list of the 5 most beautiful neighborhoods in Santiago de Chile, which attract hundreds of tourists day by day.

Neighborhoods of Santiago de Chile

Bellavista neighborhood

This bohemian neighborhood is located near Cerro San Cristóbal, it is very picturesque and one of the things that most attract you to visit it is the great variety of restaurants, cultural centers, bars, and theaters. In the heart of this neighborhood is the ¨Patio Bellavista¨ where we can find various national and international restaurants, craft shops, jewelry, clothing; We can also enjoy cultural events, such as live music and dance. In this neighborhood is one of the houses where the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda lived, which has the name of the Chascona, is currently a museum that can be visited every day, several collections of the author exhibit.

Lastarria neighborhood

Since I visited Chile for the first time, this became my favorite (here they asked me to marry), every time I can I visit it with my husband. This neighborhood is located between the Alameda (main Avenida de Santiago) and the Forest Park (a very nice park ideal for family outings, walks and enjoy the different cultural activities that they do there). In the Lastarria neighborhood, we find restaurants, cafes, bookstores, old houses, antique fairs. This neighborhood is visited by tourists, it is worth visiting if you are coming to Santiago de Chile.

Paris neighborhood – London

Located in the center of the capital, with incredible European-style buildings dating from 1920. Here we find platforms, cobblestone streets, literary cafés, restaurants, and hostels. The San Francisco Church, built-in 1586, is one of the main attractions and is also the oldest architectural monument in the country. This is where the Colonial Museum is located, which presents archaeological objects from the time of the conquest. London 38, Historical Monument of Chile reminiscent of the victims of the military dictatorship, this monument has a neoclassical style. Without a doubt, this place is Magical and loaded with a lot of History.

Barrio el Golf

Considered the most important financial sector of the City. Modern streets with green areas, many mirror buildings in which the most important companies in the country are located. In its main street, Isidora Goyenechea Avenue, we find several designer stores and exclusive clothing next to restaurants with outdoor terraces. Also, in the heart of the neighborhood, is the Plaza Peru, ideal for family walks has playgrounds and colorful benches and here also perform various activities, fairs and exhibitions.

Concha y Toro neighborhood

Here we find buildings and mansions with incredible architecture. The wealthiest families in Santiago lived in this neighborhood. This European-looking neighborhood is known for its Gothic and Neoclassical buildings. Here the Walker Palace stands out, which retains details such as vaults, windows, and battlements, the Concha Palace with luxurious halls and stained glass windows. The Carrera Theater, a four-level building with marble floors where the first sound cinema of the country worked.



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