This next exercise is one that you can complete while either standing, sitting, or kneeling. You can choose to use one or two dumbbells for this move, depending on how much of a challenge you want.

1. The feet need to be about shoulder width apart, regardless of whether you choose to stand, sit, or kneel. Also ensure that your back is straight, shoulders are pulled back, and chest is sticking out.

2. Use your hands to lift the weight overhead, keeping your palms facing the ceiling. If you choose to use two dumbbells, hold one in each hand, keep your palms parallel facing each other, and move the weights in unison.

3. Lower the weight until it’s level with the back of your head, and then lift the weight back towards the ceiling to complete the exercise. Keep your elbows tight near your ears, and try not to move the upper part of your arms.You only want the lower arms, between your hand and elbows, moving during this exercise.


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