Since I discovered what was the minimalism have not stopped investigating, read and apply it in my life. My goal is to achieve this lifestyle, and for this, I am making small changes little by little, it is not easy to end consumerism from one day to another. That is why today I bring you a super special post where I tell you what are the Reasons to be minimalist.

I think that minimalism is different for each person (which is essential for you, perhaps it is not for me) so we can all adapt it to our lives; and that is what I like the most, we can all reach that simple lifestyle. And maybe you have wondered, why do I want to be a Minimalist? Why do I want to change? if I love consumerism; hehe this happened to me very often, if you are one of those people, I leave these reasons to be minimalist and if you like any, please let me know in the comments.

5 Reasons to be Minimalist

1- We can focus on what matters to us

If we have fewer things, we can focus better on what is most important to us. All the time we use to go to Shopping Centers, to verify prices, look for offers, etc; We can use it in other more important and rewarding things, such as reading a good book, taking a walk, cooking something delicious, learning something new or just taking a break with a good cup of coffee while enjoying your favorite series, and this without Have the quality time we can spend with our family or partner.

2- Little to clean and care for

And if we have only what is necessary, then a few things have to be cleaned and taken care of. The truth is that I don’t like cleaning very much, and because I have a few things and my husband helps me, this is almost no subject for me. But if you’re one of those who spend hours cleaning and you don’t like it, think about whether you don’t like cleaning or what you’re cleaning is what you don’t like. Take a look at all the things you have and think if you use them all and in the clean space you could get if you didn’t have them there.

3- Things of better quality

They do not know the amount of money I have spent buying clothes or shoes on offer, but they lasted only a few months. One of the things that I have proposed with Minimalism, is to use quality things, a little more expensive, than with the idea of ​​using them for much longer. For example, instead of having 10 Jeans, now I only have 2, but I like them and of good quality. The same with the shoes, I said goodbye to the cheap shoes that sometimes I even got in some supermarkets hehe. My goal is to reduce my closet by half, I still work on it.

4- More money for us

Hehehe, if we only spend what is necessary and essential for us, little by little we will see how we are going to be left with money month by month; money that we can invest in other things or go on a trip. And this, in my opinion, is the best of this lifestyle; Since it is friendly to our finances, it can even improve our savings account.

5- Fewer decisions to make

It is scientifically proven that making decisions, however small, deplete and cause mental fatigue. Let’s just think for a moment about the following: you wake up in the morning and you have to decide between two shampoos, three conditioners, 4 face creams, 2 body moisturizers, 10 jeans, 15 pairs of shoes, 20 blouses, 4 different cups for coffee… I already run out hahaha, and so I can continue the list. Seeing this, we realize that, we have already started the morning exhausted and the day has just begun, all that energy we spend making those decisions (silly by the way); It is the energy we need during the day for other activities.

Finally, I want to tell you that I do not intend to lead this lifestyle or to “convert” (so to speak) to minimalism, I just want to share what has worked for me in recent months and the things I have read and learned of this lifestyle. So if at any time you want to try, then the information is here and just read calmly and take from here what you think is most important and what can work for you.


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