Whoever would say that I, Maria de Jesus, I come from a Caribbean country, would be writing about winter? hehe is amazing, at the beginning the winter and I had a love-hate relationship, but the truth is that if I have to choose between the Winter of Chile and the Summer of Chile, a thousand times I stay with Winter. That is why today I bring you my 5 Reasons to love Winter.

5 Reasons to Love Winter

1- We can have Hot Chocolate

Raise your hand that likes hot chocolate  and there I am first. And it is that the combination of hot chocolate + winter is incredible, at least I hardly get to my job I take one to warm up and start working.

2- Chao to the Sweat

And this is the best, in winter we rarely sweat. It is almost impossible that we sweat in winter, but we cannot say the same about summer, in summer with any clothes you wear you will sweat a lot unless you spend all day in air conditioning.

3- Combination of Chocolate + Netflix

My best plan for a Friday night, in winter, is this a good chocolate and a good series on Netflix. Also, in winter it is the ideal time to stay at home with the excuse that it is very cold.

4- Winter clothes

My favorite time to dress, I think that in this era we are more elegant when dressing, it must be because of the tendency to use more neutral colors and the coats make you look a little more formal.

5- Hot showers

I love this, being able to have a good time in the tub with the warm water, I find it very relaxing after a day of work. I do not particularly like cold water and in summer it is not a very good feeling that ice waterfalls directly to your body, I know there are many benefits of bathing with cold water, but I do not like it.

Here in Chile, the winters are not as strong as in other countries, the lowest temperature I have felt is -1 ° C; Maybe that’s why I like winter here.

In the same way, all these Reasons to love winter, apply for any country that has winter, since we can take it as reasons to prefer winter, or because winter is better than summer.

And you? Where do you live are all the seasons? Tell me in the comments.



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