En this modern world, air travel is more common than 40 years ago, it is now much easier and also there is an infinite number of flights, prices, destinations, and airlines. The truth is also that this can generate stress, due to ignorance of the process and especially if it is the first time you travel by plane.

Today I bring you some tips for when traveling by plane, ideal for when we travel for the first time or simply for those who want to make our lives easier when we travel by plane.

Tips for Traveling by Plane

Check the luggage

We must review the specifications of the airline with which we are going to travel: suitcases allowed and weight. If they are Low-Cost flights, they usually only accept hand luggage or backpack, and if you want to carry another suitcase you have to pay. Arming a suitcase can be stressful, thoughts come to us like: will it be that I carry everything I need? I have nothing left? Will I have problems with the weight of the suitcase? That is why it is important to pack our bags in advance, and check that we do not lack anything and do not carry anything unnecessary.

In general, the big Airlines let you carry a free handbag, with a maximum weight of 10 KG, however, in case you can’t do it, you can always carry a backpack or purse; and inside them it puts the most essential things for the trip, medicines, cell phone, some snack I leave this guide for long flights, more than 8 hours for more information.

There are prohibited items that we should not carry in the carry-on bag, for example, sharp objects, explosives. In the case of liquids, make sure it is in containers of less than 100 ml. (up to 1 liter).

Documentation – Vaccines

There are some countries where you will need Visas to enter or letters of invitation, in the pages of the Embassies of the country that you are going to visit should be all the information. On the day of the trip do not forget to bring all the necessary documentation to enter the country you are going to visit since without it you will not be able to get on the plane.

Another important point is the vaccines, for example, to enter Brazil you will need the Yellow Fever vaccine, make sure you put it on and take the yellow vaccination carton to the airport, they can ask you to get on the plane.

Travel insurance

This is a very personal decision, we always get the dilemma of do I buy it or not ?. What I have done lately is, if I travel within Chile (the country where I currently reside) I do not buy travel insurance, but if I travel outside Chile I do buy. It is better to be safe than sorry, and now it is much more accessible to buy travel insurance, you can do it online without a problem.

Appropriate clothing

Normally in the airports, many hours are spent, between taking the flight or if we have some stopover, in addition to the hours on the plane to the final destination, it is because of these that when we travel by plane we must be and feel comfortable. It is best to dress comfortably, avoid light colors and use layers for different temperatures.

Arrive at the airport in time

What they usually recommend is to arrive 3 hours before the flight, so that we have time to locate the airline’s counter, check-in and leave our bags; if we carry luggage in the hold of the plane.

online check-in: we will save a lot of time if we check-in through the airline’s website, which is nothing more than entering all our data, you can do so up to an hour before the trip.

face-to-face check-in: we must go to the airline counter and deliver our passport to register our data, this is where we can also leave our luggage.

Security control

After leaving our bags on the counter of the airline, they give us the tickets, with this we go to the security control, we must follow the airport signage that usually says Embarque. In this control, we are verified that we do not carry prohibited products in our carry-on bag. We take one of the plastic trays and place all our belongings; watch, keys, phones, belt, can also tell us to take off our shoes and sweaters or coat, and then go through the metal detector.

After passing through here, we must go to the migration ticket offices, this is where we leave the country.

Boarding Area

After passing the security and migration control, we are already in the boarding area. We must locate our boarding gate, at the time of check-in they should have told us the number of the gate or at the counter of the airline when they gave us the plane tickets. Also, we will see that there are many screens where the flight schedule and the boarding gate numbers come out, here we must be aware because sometimes the airlines change the doors and through these screens, we will realize.

In this area we will find bathrooms, shops, restaurants, and areas to sit and charge cell phones, so we can relax while we wait to board the plane. Usually, you have to be 30 or 45 minutes earlier at the boarding gate to get on the plane.

At the time of boarding the plane ( boarding the plane ), they will check the ticket and your identification, it is good to have that at hand.

In summary, we have:

  • Online check-in / face-to-face check-in
  • Security control
  • Migration
  • Boarding Area

Airplane Mode Phone

To travel by plane we must turn off all our electronic devices when taking off and landing, so as not to interfere with communication signals, this includes mp3, laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc.

During the flight, the cell phone must be in airplane mode, unless the flight offers Wi-Fi, which is usually paid.

Eat on the Plane

Not all flights include food, which is why you must verify this before traveling; So I don’t take you by surprise. Especially in low-cost airlines, food is not included and may be sold during the flight.

But no problem, you can take some snacks in case you get hungry, the issue of water is a bit more complex because you must buy it after passing the security check since as we saw, we can only spend up to 1 liter of liquid, but divided into 100ml bottles. We can quietly buy water in the boarding area and take it on the plane.


After arriving at our destination, we must wait for the signal to take off the seat belt and then get off the plane. At this point we must also go through migration, to enter the country we are visiting. In some countries they ask us to fill out a form with our data, we must take a pencil or pen to write. Then we get off the plane, we go to the Immigration ticket offices, we make the process of entering the country and that’s it.

I hope you like it and serve these recommendations.



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