The seated concentration bicep curl is an exercise that you should complete while sitting down. You can do this on a sturdy table, or on a chair. In the event that you don’t have a bench or chair, or just want an added challenge, you can also perform this move while completing a wall squat (which will simultaneously condition your quadriceps).

1. While seated, begin by holding a dumbbell in each hand, with arms relaxed. The knees must be bent while the feet are flat on the floor throughout the exercise. Curling from a seated position will engage your core, as you won’t have the same leverage your lower body provides while standing.

2. Hold the upper arm still while curling the dumbbell upward towards your chest. Keep the elbow as stationary as possible during the curl motion. As noted earlier, you can complete this move with both arms simultaneously curling, or by curling one arm at a time.

3. As you perform the curl motion, make sure your palms are facing towards your body.

4. Complete the move by lowering the dumbbell back to starting position.


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