Today I bring my personal Top 5 of places to eat in Santiago de Chile. I say personalized because the truth is that these places are very rich to eat and are fairly accessible; and although not all of them are Chilean food, I assure you that you will not regret eating in any of them.

And who does not like to try other flavors, another cuisine? I love it, I’m always looking for a new place to try the food, be it Chilean, Mexican or Colombian.

Top 5 places to eat in Santiago de Chile

Lastarria House

1- Casa Lastarria: Located in the heart of the Lastarria neighborhood, this restaurant invites you to know the best of Chilean cuisine. Ideal for a romantic dinner, meeting after work or to relax an afternoon on the terrace with a variety of music that the restaurant offers. This restaurant is very special for me, here they asked me Marriage in 2014 if you can do not stop visiting it.

Buffalo Waffles

2- Buffalo Waffles: the best waffles I have tried (so far), there are several branches throughout Santiago, but the one I can visit whenever I visit Lastarria, Merced 315 Santiago downtown. It is all experience to eat waffles in that branch, since being in the center of Santiago and an extremely touristy neighborhood, it is always full of people; You buy the waffle and eat it on the street while walking for a walk. My favorite Strawberry Fields: Nutella, delicacy, strawberries, banana and whipped cream.

Serrano Pizza

3- Serrano Pizza: I love pizza, but I was already bored of the typical pizzas of Papa Jhons, Dominos Pizza or Pizza Hut; That’s why I decided to try other pizzas that were more handmade. And that’s how I found Serrano Pizza, they are located in the Bellavista neighborhood, they present a different concept, you choose the ingredients you want for your pizza, you pay a base price according to the size of the pizza and then you put the ingredients you want They are very rich and also have sweet pizzas with Nutella that are amazing.

Rosita Restaurant

4- Rosita Restaurant: I like Mexican food, which is why I got this restaurant and I fell in love. Rosita Tex Mex has placed special emphasis on her typical Mexican recipes and also fusion with Texana food. Their food is divine, fresh and they have a variety of amazing cocktails. The decoration is super cute; floors with mosaics and all very colorful, on Saturday nights they have a Show with Mariachis. Undoubtedly an incredible place to spend a night as a couple or with friends.

Holy moly

5- Holy Moly: my favorite to eat hamburgers, I also discovered it very recently. It is located in Merced 461 in the heart of Santiago Centro; Its concept is Gringo style hamburgers, thin meat and a piece of super spongy bread. Recommendation (also for vegetarians) Bacon cheese (double hamburger, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and crispy bacon strips, accompanied with french fries) and Veggie burger (vegetarian cheeseburger, tomato, lettuce, accompanied by french fries) black beans, chickpeas, lentils or red beans.

If you come to Santiago at least eat at one of these sites, tell me in the comments…



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