Viajar is amazing, and when you do with the one you love is wonderful. I think that sharing travel experiences with your partner also makes love grow, and it is very nice to share a walk along the beach, enjoy the sunset and a good conversation. Traveling as a couple also serves as reconciliation, to ask for marriage, to go on a honeymoon, vacation or anniversary.

Without a doubt, traveling as a couple is my favorite option, so today I bring you this post, in case you are planning a trip with your partner; Consider these recommendations.

5 Romantic Destinations for Couples in South America

1- Bariloche

This city is located in Argentine Patagonia, next to the Cordillera de Los Andes, where you will find wonderful landscapes in the 4 seasons, from snowy peaks, valleys covered with flowers and crystal clear waters.

In Bariloche you can do many activities, it already depends on what your partner and you like to do, but I leave you some recommendations: tour the city center and buy some crafts, enjoy its chocolate cuisine, walks, rivers, centers sky.

2- Frutillar

This city guarded by volcanoes on the shores of Lake Llanquihue has large German influenza and is located in southern Chile. Its colonial past is reflected in its characteristic German-style wooden buildings. Frutillar offers musical events throughout the year, artists and orchestras from all over the world receive at the Lake Theater.

In Frutillar you can get lost in its clean streets full of flowers, enjoy the black sand beach and crystal clear waters. The German influence is not only present in buildings, but also gastronomy, and in fritillary, you can eat the authentic German recipe of the “kuchen”. Among the different things you can do in fritillary, we have: visit the German Colonial Museum, Monument to the German Colones, Waterfront and Pier; among others; Without a doubt, a romantic getaway as a couple in fritillary would be spectacular.

3- Salvador de Bahia

It is the third most populous city in Brazil and also the cradle of Brazilian culture. Salvador de Bahia has charm and paradisiacal beaches that make it an incredible destination for couples. With its charming old town, it allows you to know the origins of Brazil, Salvador was the capital of the slave trade and the legacy of African culture is always present in the streets that show exotic dances and dances; its cobbled streets take you on a trip to the past and this is, perhaps, the most romantic of this trip

Among the activities you can do here, there are several options, ranging from walks through the old town, museums, shopping, and beaches, in Salvador de Bahia are the best beaches in Brazil.

4- Cartagena de Indias

Who has not heard of this city? even Gabriel Garcia Márquez was inspired by her in one of his novels, “Love in times of anger.” Cartagena is my favorite romantic destination for traveling as a couple, cobbled streets, 16th-century plaza, flower-filled balconies, colonial buildings; They certainly make Cartagena a magical place.

Taking a night walk through the streets of Cartagena with your crush, listening to salsa outdoors, eating something delicious and enjoying its rich beaches are undoubtedly the best activities you can do.

5- Huilo Huilo

Huilo Huilo is located in the heart of the Chilean Patagonica jungle, surrounded by the Andes Mountains. Its commitment to the conservation of natural heritage and local culture make the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, a unique project in the world.

With landscapes and dreamlike scenery, Huilo Huilo is an ideal destination to celebrate love, here you can from celebrating your marriage, spending your honeymoon or anniversary.

I hope you like my selection of romantic destinations, if you have already visited one, please let me know in the comments.



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