Today there are many low cost airlines only allow you to travel with hand luggage and a backpack, this can become a bit complicated because we have to think hard to put in a bag of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. That is why today I want to write about what to carry in my carry-on bag, what things are allowed and what things do not include tips for light travel.

Hand luggage

The carry-on bag is the one you carry with you on the plane, it is also known as a cabin suitcase, generally, its measurements should not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm and a maximum weight of 10 KG. This suitcase goes in the compartments that are above the seats or under the front seat.

It is very important to verify before buying the plane ticket that luggage allows us to carry and depending on the destination then choose what suits us best. For example here in Chile, some airlines only let you carry a 40 x 20 x 25 cm handbag for free, and to carry a suitcase they charge you an extra.

What can be carried in the Hand Suitcase

In the handbag you can carry clothes, shoes, headphones, sleep mask, etc., apart from these things; I leave you a list of the things you can take:

1- Essential things for the trip and delicate objects

The hand luggage is the only thing that we will carry with us during the flight, since the other suitcase (the biggest one) will leave in the plane’s hold, therefore those objects that we think are delicate should travel with us up in the airplane. Among the things you can carry in your carry-on bag we have: electronic devices: cell phones, cameras, tablets, computers, etc. We can also carry, as long as you do not exceed 100ml, Cosmetics: they must go in transparent bags and in bottles that do not exceed 100ml. MedicinesObviously, we should always carry this near us, and with the respective medical prescription, try to take only the medications you need on the flight, the rest can be left in the big suitcase. Finally our documentation, this should always be with us at all times, passports, driver’s license, identity card, credit cards, etc.

2- Accepted Medications

At this point we must take special care since we can generally travel with medications as long as those medications are legal in the destination country, not all medications are legal worldwide. We must also carry only the amount we will use on our trip and flight, do not carry excessive amounts. In the case that we have to carry liquid medicines and that exceed 100ml, we must present the prescription or prescription in the security control, however; It would be better if we consult the airline regarding this issue.

3- Accepted Liquids

The dilemma on each trip, hehe, we always have to be aware of how much liquid we are carrying, the general rule is up to 1 liter of liquid but divided into bottles that do not exceed 100ml and inside a transparent plastic bag, then all Liquids that exceed 100ml must travel in the suitcase that goes in the plane’s hold. We must also take into account shampoos, gels, soaps, sunscreen, perfumes, insect repellents, etc., all of them should not exceed 100ml,

What things we CANNOT carry in your carry-on bag

1- Sporting Goods

In general, sporting goods can be carried in the cabin of the plane as long as they do not represent a danger to you and other passengers and comply with the dimensions in weight and size established by the airline. For example, a pair of glasses for snorkeling will not be a problem in the cabin of the plane, the sporting goods that we cannot carry in the handbag are the following:

  • Tennis racquets
  • Golf or Billiards
  • Baseball bats
  • Martial arts equipment
  • Canoes, paddles, kayaks.

If you need to take some of these items for your trip or others that are larger, you must dispatch it to go in the plane’s hold.

2- Personal hygiene products

The main products that you cannot carry in your carry-on bag are aerosols and liquids that exceed 100ml, large scissors, open razors. Files, nail clippers, small scissors (preferably round-tipped) and closed disposable razors are allowed to carry in the carry-on bag.

3- Food and Drink

In general, we can carry food in the carry-on bag, we should only be careful because in some countries they prohibit the entry of certain foods for health reasons, to prevent the entry into their territory of certain bacteria or microorganisms. All this we must find out with the airline and also on the customs page of the destination country.


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