Nomo = ‘Not Mothers’, is a movement that refers to women who are determined not to be mothers by choice or by biological problems. This group called Nomo was born thanks to the movement led by the British Jody Day in 2011, who at 40 years realized that she could not be a mother. Because of this, I believe Gateway Women, a worldwide network of friendship and support for women without children. However,  the NoMo movement is not only composed of women with fertility problems but also includes women with other reasons not to procreate. The ultimate goal of the movement is to help women lead a full and meaningful life, despite not having children.

If we look a little back a few years ago, the fact that a woman does not want to have children was not a topic to discuss, since it is assumed that with the mere fact of being born a woman, motherhood comes with her included. Today, motherhood for many can be a choice.

The Nomo movement, in one way or another, what it wants to imply is that it ceases to perceive on a social level that the only way to be happy, for a woman, is to give birth even once in a lifetime, and leave behind the old preconceptions that suggest or perceive that women without children are selfish, unfeminine, immature and sometimes even considered angry or hate children, also assuming they will have an old-age full of regret and loneliness. It seeks to
reconceptualize motherhood, that this is an individual, respectable and legitimate decision instead of a universal and expected law.

The decision not to have children is linked to many factors. The latest studies indicate that 10% of these factors are for strictly biological reasons (difficulties with fertility), another 10% are by choice. In the latter, political, ecological, ethnic or female currents that simply want a model of life outside of motherhood are included. The other cases that correspond to 80%, are related to several factors, including economic problems, not having found a suitable partner or even having it but when the age has passed, fertility problems of the couple, not being able to reconcile the work environment with the staff, having gone through a traumatic abortion and not wanting to go through the same situation again, emotional or psychological problems of the couple or their own, among others.

Famous Nomo:

In addition to Jennifer Aniston, who has repeatedly declared being happy without children, several Hollywood artists don’t want to be mothers: Oprah Winfrey:  “I never had children.

Cameron Diaz: “I have an incredible life. Somehow, I have the life I have because I am not a mother. I don’t think that having children, or not, is an obligation, is a choice, ” says Cameron in Attitude Fem.

My personal opinion

I think and I believe that motherhood should be a personal decision as a woman, each one has the right to do what she wants with her body. I also think that motherhood is not for all women, while there are women who die because they are mothers and do everything possible, spending money on fertility treatments and still do not succeed, there are others who simply have children and do not They know how to be mothers or mistreat their children (who does not know or has heard about a mother who mistreats her children).

So I think that people should be more cautious when they see a woman between the ages of 30 and 35 and ask when the children ?, you do not know if that woman is going through a bad time, can not have children or It may even have been through an abortion. Let’s be prudent.

Particularly I at my almost 30 years, I still do not rule out motherhood, but the truth is I have other priorities in my life, like traveling. Also, living in another country where only my husband and I are, where we spend 10 hours a day at work, I don’t think having a child is a good decision.


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